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*NEW* - we have a new email address specifically for any queries regarding homework or if you would like to send us any photos of work your child has completed.  Please email us at homelearning@shawcrossinfants.co.uk.  Any general queries, please email the school office.

Please keep any work you complete and bring to school when we re-open. 

Any work on this page would be suitable for children from Nursery to Year 2.  Please select the work you feel is appropriate for your child.
For Home Learning and more age appropriate work we have a page for EYFS (Reception and Nursery children)  Click here
and also
Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2 children)  Click here

For White Rose Maths please click on the logo below.
Please go to the Key Stage 1 page (link above) if you wish to download printable worksheets to go with the lessons.


25th May: News

This week's assembly is about News and covers discussion about where you hear news from, and whether this is reliable or not.  Please see the resources below to help you with this is discussion.
Activity 1           Activity 2             Activity 3          Activity 4            Activity 5 

18th May: Homes

This week's assembly discussion is about homes, where you would like to live, different types of homes and how they suit those who live in them.  Click below for activities.
                                                  Activity 1                Activity 2                   Activity 3                  Activity 4                 Activity 5

11th May: Space

This week's assembly discussion is about space, who it belongs to and how it is being used. 
It focusses on the recent Starlink Satellites that were sent to space.  Click below for activities.
Activity 1            Activity 2           Activity 3            Activity 4             Activity 5

VE Day 75th Anniversary
Click on the links below for discussion points about VE day​
VE Day                       VE Day Memory 

4th May: Toys

Click on the different activities 1-5
Activity 1         Activity 2        Activity 3        Activity 4        Activity 5

Yoga Story:

Click here to access the Yoga Story that children in Nursery and Reception use, however this is suitable for all to use.

Here are a few practical maths ideas which you may like to try while you are at home which will also get your child up and moving.  Click here
White Rose Maths -   click here
Can we also remind you that every child in school has access to online activities on Purple Mash using their own password.  While we wish to encourage you to keep up with some home learning, please be realistic with this so that you are also taking care of your child's and your own mental health and wellbeing.

Rainbow Homework:
Thank you to all families who have sent us some rainbow pictures. Taking this theme we have some more ideas for you!  Feel free to pick and choose which you would like to do, or which you think are appropriate for the age of your child.
If you have not got access to a printer don’t worry! Try and adapt things by drawing/writing things out on paper. If you don’t have the resources/equipment then don’t do it! We do not want anyone going out unnecessarily to try and find things. Stick to the essentials and stay safe.
Have fun!
Number Bonds work – levels of bonds to
5 click here, 10 click here, 20 click here and 100 click here  (Select most appropriate for your child, or try them all!)
Rainbow Poetry – choose from a variation of poems or try them all! For our older children try to encourage lots of adjectives to describe things, and extend the sentences with conjunctions (Year 2 are brilliant at this!)
  click here for rainbow colours poem and click here for rainbow similie poem.
Please be creative – the ‘My Mother’ rainbow poem could easily be changed to My Dad, Grandma,. Brother etc. click here
Rainbow Serpent Story – for younger children read this to them, older more capable readers can try for themselves click here.
Review – younger children could draw and adults scribe, older more capable children could do this for themselves click here.
Writing – Pot of Gold creative ideas.  click here
Other activities are more creative – using design technology, art and science skills.
All About Me Rainbow click here,   Lego Rainbows click here,    Rainbow Wind Chime click here,     Rainbow Spinner click here

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