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Walk Once a Week - WoW

Children in Key Stage 1 had a visit from Living Streets. They introduced our children to a school campaign called ‘Walk once a Week’ or WoW! The aim of this campaign is to encourage pupils and families to increase the amount of times that they walk to school. Our children shared many ideas about how this can help keep them healthier, reduce the traffic congestion around school and keep them safer, and to reduce the impact on the environment.

Every day children will use a travel tracker programme to log how they have travelled to school. The tracker will accumulate this and if a child manages to walk to school at least once a week then they will receive a monthly badge. The badges have been designed by children and are around the theme of ‘our planet’.  Click here for the badges and the links to educational websites.

Children can achieve their WoW badge by walking, scooting or cycling.  They can also achieve success by getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking an extra part of the journey  (hop-off),   or    parking  a   little    bit

further away and walking the remaining distance (park and stride).  So whether you live local or far away and need a car .... everyone can participate and be successful! 

For more information you can visit the website:


Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II

Children in Year 1 & 2 have been celebrating Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history. On September 9th 2015 she will have reigned for 63 years 216 days.

In school we have been thinking about the important role the Queen has in making our country such a great one to live in, and how Britain pride’s itself on being a fair and safe place in which to live.

Click here to see what we have been doing.



Best wishes to families who will be celebrating Eid Ul Adha later this week.


Click here to find out more about  how Eid is celebrated.

Message from Mrs Drury our Headteacher

"Working together, valuing and nurturing children"

Welcome!! Shaw Cross Infant and Nursery is a friendly and caring school. Our staff and governors take pleasure and pride in helping children to develop into confident and happy learners. We take our responsibility very seriously as we want to give children the best possible start to their education and equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in their future lives. We strive to ensure that children have a broad range of experiences and take every opportunity to involve them in the wealth of cultural experiences available to us in our country.   We firmly believe that education is a partnership between home and school. We place a strong emphasis on developing the personal well being of each child as we feel that this provides the foundation for successful learning. We have developed strong links with other agencies and organsitions including our colleagues at the Chickenley, Earlsheaton and Shaw Cross Children's Centre and Stay n Play Child care to support us in our work. We liaise closely with local schools as we believe by working together we can make a positive impact on the lives of the children, young people and their families within our community.  Stay n Play now offer free nursery places for eligible two year olds on our site. Click here for more information.

We hope that these pages will be informative and provide you with a taste of what we have to offer.

Past Activities

We are a very busy school.  If you would like to see some of the things we have done in the past, please click on the Happy Place logo and look in the galleries of the different year groups: