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Rec Maths

Counting and understanding numbers

Count Us In Game 1
Number recognition and
counting with numbers to 20

Fish Alive
Recognise the number and catch the
appropriate number of fish.
Thanks to Crickweb

Count with Lecky
Recognise the number and catch the
appropriate number of balloons.
Thanks to Crickweb

Count Us In Game 11
Recognition and ordering of
numbers to 30
Spin a number
Play a board game against the
computer.  This game will aid number
recognition and accurate counting
Count to 10
Match number to objects
Missing Numbers
Shoot the correct duck in the line.
Mucky Monsters
Compare which hand has more or
less germs

Snakes and Ladders
Useful for recognising numbers to
100 and counting accurately

More Number Activities

Are there more?
Let's count 4.
Count objects in a set and
identify which has more

Are there more?
Let's Count 5
Count objects in two sets and
decide which has more

Counting to 6
Put the given number of spots on
the ladybird
An early introduction to bar charts.
Count the amount of animals in the
pond and colour in the box
Add 2 sets to 10
Adding bricks that the builders bring
in their barrows
Addition - tricky
Alien invasion
  Numberbond machine - tricky
Set so that children can find two
numbers that total 5, 10, 20 etc
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