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Gallery 2019-2020

Sport Relief 1 mile walk

Reception children and some of their adults enjoyed some spring sunshine and set off around our school grounds on a 1 mile sport relief walk. Along the way they had some active maths challenges. Everyone did a brilliant job.

Well done to all involved and thank you to families who donated towards our sport relief collection which will help families who are living difficult lives.

Maths Morning

We were delighted to have had some reception adults join us to find out about how we teach maths at Shaw Cross. Adults had a presentation about strategies and calculations from Mrs Lindley, our maths lead, before spending time with their children in class doing lots of practical maths. Thank you to everyone involved.

Police Visit

Reception children have had a special visit from PC Douglas. He came to talk to them about his job for their people who help us topic. The children loved exploring how the police van works, and trying on all the police outfits.

They have put their new skills to good use in their police station role play. They even solved the case of the missing chocolates through their detective skills!

World Book Day - Share a Story

As part of World Book Day, we are taking part in the ‘share a million stories’ challenge. Reception invited their families along to share stories. We are sending our results into World Book Day and hope that across the country we help to reach the million target!

World Book Day - The Tempest

On World Book Day our Nursery and Reception children were treated to a short puppet theatre performance. This was based on the story ‘The Tempest’ and was performed by Satellites. It was a fabulous first taste of the well know works of William Shakespeare! We hope this will inspire some future authors and actors.


We have some future doctor and nurses at Shaw Cross. Reception have been finding out how to help others when Emily Ellis came in to tell them all about her job as a nurse.


Reception children have been busy writing as part of their focussed activities but also within the provision.

Problem Solving

We saw some fabulous team work and problem-solving skills when reception children had to work out how to cross the river with a limited amount of equipment. We are sure they will be able to help the gingerbread man next time!


What a lot of fun reception had trying to toss the pancake in the very heavy pan!


Children in reception have been showing what brilliant mathematicians they are.


What fabulous mathematician’s reception children are!

They have been using their knowledge of shape and  developing their understanding of halves.

Clay Gingerbread

Look at the amazing clay gingerbread men we made in reception using our art and design skills.

Chinese Dragon

There have been a lot of busy children in reception developing their cutting, folding and joining skills to make some fabulous Chinese Dragons during their celebrations work about Chinese New Year.


As part of their gingerbread man topic reception children designed and made boats to help the gingerbread man cross the river safely.

Andy Goldsworthy inspired art work

Visit from Multiskills Coach


Reception have loved developing their food technology skills by making gingerbread men.

They are glad none of them jumped out of the oven and run away!

Bird Watch

Children in Need

Maths Week England

Settling In September 2019

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