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Year 1 Gallery 2020-2021

Class 3

Class 4


Year 1 have demonstrated they are fabulous mathematicians through a range of key concepts and calculations. They have been using lots of practical resources in all areas of the provision as well as within discrete maths lessons.


As artists, our year 1 children have developed techniques in colour mixing while using paint to create pieces of work in the style of artist Mark Rothko.

Sorting Animals

Our Year 1 Scientists have bene busy demonstrating their knowledge of animals by sorting them into groups. They had to use their observational skills and understanding of the different groups to work as a team to group them correctly.


As part of their topic on toys Year 1 children have been historians. Using their research skills, combined with science knowledge of materials they have explored the toys. Using historical vocabulary they have described the toys and created an historical timeline.

Sportshall Athletics

Hannah from the North Kirklees Sports Partnership was in school for 2 days.
She worked with every class to develop their Sports Hall Athletics Skills. The children had their skills scored and will be entered into a virtual competition with other schools in the partnership.
Maybe we will have some partnership champions?!

Autumn Walk

Year 1 children have been developing their scientific skills during an Autumn walk. They used their senses to explore the world around them and will use their ideas to help them write some poetry.

Class 3

Class 4

Fitness Day

Children throughout school took part in a ‘Fitness Day’ with Joe, a PE teacher from St John Fisher’s. This was part of our link with the North Kirklees Sport Partnership.


Children in Key Stage 1 have been working with Lyndzy a yoga coach to help develop their flexibility and balance. They have also worked on breathing and relaxation techniques to help them be calm.

Settling In

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